FOIA & UPD Reports

Requests may be made electronically through the form below. To request a report in person or via mail please download and complete the Request a Report by Mail [Printable Form]. The form may be mailed or delivered to the University Police building. Copies of the form are also available at UPD. Information about filing general Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests may be found below.

Use this form to make an Electronic FOIA (E-FOIA) request (You may also use this form to make a Privacy Act request.) The use of this form is voluntary. If you choose to submit a FOIA request electronically, you must complete the fields marked with an "*". If you do not enter accurate or required information, we may be unable to fulfill your FOIA request.

If you are looking for other University records or you wish to file a non-Electronic FOIA (non-E-FOIA) request you may do so by contacting the Records Access Officer. The University at Albany's Records Access Officer is Corinne Fauchon. You may access public records kept by the University at Albany by contacting the Records Access Officer through any of the following means:

Web Page


University Hall 212
Office of Enterprise Risk Management and Compliance
University at Albany
1400 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12222

Electronic FOIA (E-FOIA) request for UPD records:

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FOIA allows agencies to charge fees for processing FOIA requests.

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All FOIA requests will be completed electronically to the extent possible.