My ideal officer is...

Physically Impressive - Well proportioned, well groomed, and well uniformed.

Polite, Respectful, Courteous, Empathetic at all times.

Poised - Not given to anger, confrontation, emotionalism. Intelligent and Well Spoken.

Places much emphasis on Prevention and Presence.

Uses force when and only when it is absolutely necessary.

Exhausts other means of enforcement before resorting to arrest (except in felony situations).

Approachable and Friendly. Smiles easily and engages the public in polite conversation often. Remembers names and uses them.

Refrains from profanity, threats or hostile gestures.

Will not appear unsympathetic or unconcerned.

Is very knowledgeable about his profession and is highly efficient.

And most importantly . . . my ideal officer understands that "gentlemen and gentlewomen consider the rights of others before their own feelings, and the feelings of others before their own rights."