Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE)

University Police offers training to teach the community how to respond in the event of an active shooter on campus. Our instructors are certified to teach a program called CRASE —Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events.

CRASE teaches students, faculty and staff how to be prepared for and respond to an active shooter and/or critical incident. This premier program was developed by Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) at Texas State University.

What will you learn?

  • Steps to take in an active shooter situation (run/hide/fight)
  • Situational Awareness – the ability to identify, process and comprehend information to survive in an emergency
  • Mental scripting (the process of identifying and considering potentially dangerous scenarios, and working through the best response to them) and how it relates in a crisis
  • Looking for warning signs of potentially aggressive behavior
  • What to expect when police, EMS and other first responders arrive
  • How you can help police and other first responders

  • To arrange a session, email referencing CRASE training. The UPD will reach out to set up the training session.