Responding to an Active Shooter Incident on Campus

Active shooter incidents are rare.

However, when they do occur the impact on the community is profound. For this reason the University continues to focus on EDUCATION and PREVENTION efforts. Community involvement is essential to achieving continued success in these areas - but we know that even if everyone does everything right we have to be prepared. The University Police continues to develop the University's MITIGATION capability in the event we do have an incident on our campus.

EDUCATION - The University offers programs, through the University Police Department and Community Standards to our students, faculty and staff. Like the federal "See something, Say something" program these programs focus on what we should all be looking for and who we should tell if we see something of concern. The departments above can assist with setting up a program for interested groups. In addition the University offers a Workplace Violence program through Human Resources that addresses issues related to identifying situations that may have the potential to become violent - with suggestions of how to manage those circumstances before violence occurs.

UPD also offers in-person training through the instructional course “Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE)”. This course is a nationally recognized program developed by Texas State University, and can be taught by our certified instructors. For more information on CRASE, please click the following link: Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE).

The links above include the "RUN, HIDE, FIGHT Video" and and “480 Seconds (Video)”. These short videos give everyone basic information on steps to take to make themselves and others safer during active shooter incidents. They serve as an excellent introduction to steps we can all take and can easily be incorporated into any classroom or training environment.

The Recognizing, Responding, Reporting Resource Guide [PDF] linked above is offered as a Guide to Dealing with Students in Crisis. It is an outstanding resource for identifying behaviors that may be of concern and offers a list of contacts to help address the behavior. The opportunities for responding often occur long before any potential violence. Ultimately we want all of our students to be successful - not just avoid violence. This guide helps identify how to do that.

The US Department of Homeland Security also produces an Active Shooter Poster [PDF] and Active Shooter Pocketguide [PDF] available through the links above.

PREVENTION - Student CARE Services brings together staff from across the University to evaluate reports of actions taken by visitors or community members that have raised concern. The group draws upon the expertise of staff from the Provost's office, Human Resources, Community Standards, the University Counseling Center, the University Police and others as appropriate. Here again the team is focused on identifying and addressing issues before violence occurs. All members of the community are encouraged to contact Student CARE Services with any concerns. An On-line Reporting Form is available. In emergencies or whenever there is a concern that violence is likely reach out directly to the University Police Department at: (518) 442-3131, or 911 from any campus phone.

MITIGATION - Since 2001 the University Police Department has been developing our capability to respond in the event of an active shooter on campus. We developed the first NYS Division of Criminal Justice certified training course in active shooter response. Our patrol officers have patrol rifles and tactical body armor available to them in their patrol vehicles. Our officers regularly attend training on active shooter response on our campus, in our buildings, and with officers from surrounding state and local departments to support a more coordinated and cooperative response should we experience an active shooter on our campus.

As mentioned above, you can act to keep yourself safer during an active shooter incident. The videos “RUN, HIDE, FIGHT” and “480 Seconds (Video)” provide basic steps. UPD also offers live training through the instructional course “Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE)”. This course is a nationally recognized program developed by Texas State University, and can be taught by our certified instructors.