Requesting a UPD Report

Any person may request a copy of a UPD report. This includes any member of the public as well as those named within reports. All personally identifiable information (PII) is redacted, with a few exceptions. Those exceptions are:

  • 1. Motor Vehicle accident reports – Under law police are required to facilitate the exchange of information so the reports are provided, without redaction, to any person listed on the report.

  • 2. If the person requesting the report is listed on the report we do not redact their information provided that the person is either personally picking up the report and displaying identification or they are requesting that the report be sent to the University email address assigned to their individual use. All other redactions are made as normal.

  • 3. Reports provided to other criminal justice agencies are un-redacted. This is typically how victims, defendants and others involved in a court case obtain un-redacted copies – through their attorney, the District Attorney’s office or the court.

  • 4. Subpoena’s for reports typically require un-redacted reports.

  • 5. In the case of an arrest the name of the arrested person, their age at arrest and city and state of residence are never redacted unless they are a minor as defined in the NYS CPL.

  • Only completed reports are released. There may be exceptional instances where we would not release the report. These exceptions are provided for under the FOIA; such as when releasing the information would compromise on ongoing investigation, etc.

    The links above offer both online submission of requests as well as a printable form for requests by mail. Generally there is no fee when providing a single copy of a report to persons named within the report. Other requesting persons may be subject to document preperation charges.