General Programming

The University Police Department is very actively engaged in community outreach programs, working to promote the safety and security of the campus and surrounding communities. We work closely with the Department of Residential Life and other community groups to provide these programs both on and off-campus. These programs are provided free of charge to interested campus and non-campus groups.

Requests for programs or for additional information on a program may be made through web-based Program Request Form by clicking the link above.

In accordance with our mission we offer the following educational programs. Further information on these programs may be found through the links to the right.

• Fatal Vision: This program uses specially designed goggles to simulate the effect that drug and alcohol intoxication of varying levels has on a person’s balance, coordination, and vision, allowing the participants to realize these effects while sober and rational.

• RAD: Self defense classes. Seperate classes are scheduled for women, men and children

• University Police Canine Program: Our police K-9's and their handlers are available to provide demonstrations and information regarding the use of police canines on patrol, bomb detection, drug detection and other issues regarding police canines.

• Alcohol 101: an innovative, interactive CD-ROM that aims to help college students make safe and responsible decisions about alcohol.

• Personal Safety - Advice on how to help make yourself a “Bad Victim”. Tips to decrease the likelihood of becoming a victim of assault. Basic self-defense options and victim assistance information is covered as well.

• Property Safety & Operation ID - Similar to the Personal Safety topic above this program focuses on ways to prevent the theft of personal property, to limit the likelihood that you will be chosen as a target of theft, and to increase the likelihood that, if property is taken from you, the police will be able to return recovered property to its rightful owner.

• Orientation: The University Police provides general safety and security information for all incoming Frosh, Transfer and International students.

• Legal Issues - Varies. Legal topics covered as requested. These presentations are from the point of view of a police agency with the focus on the prevention of offenses through education and the University’s role in promoting a safe environment and assisting victims.

Other programs as requested.