Photo of Investigator John E McGuire Jr.
Serving since 2000.
John E McGuire Jr.

K-9 Officer with Canine "Bailey"
Crime Prevention Officer
Breath test Operator
Fatal Vision Instructor
Field Training Officer


K9 Officer McGuire started his career at SUNY Albany in August 2000. K9 Officer McGuire is the handler of Bailey, a Black Labrador Retriever, trained and certified by New York State in Narcotics Detection, Tracking and Article Searches. Officer McGuire and Bailey started working together in June of 2003. Officer McGuire is certified by New York State as a Crime Prevention Officer, a Breath Test Operator, DWI detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, and did receive the National Life Saving Award. Officer McGuire and Bailey do K9 demonstrations, and Officer McGuire also participates in FROSH Orientation as well as FATAL Vision Presentations.