Laptop Security

Laptops are a popular target for thieves. The University Police Department would like to remind you of common practices, and offer you new ideas that may augment the security of your laptop computer.

Do not risk the loss of your laptop and or other personal items.

Always keep your laptop within sight (It takes a thief less than 30 seconds to steal a laptop).
Never leaving your laptop for any period of time in an area where it may not be secure.
• When not in use, secure your laptop. The use of lockable drawers, safes, and security cables are effective methods in laptop retention.
• Take advantage of Operation ID at University Police. This will allow you to mark your laptop or any other valuable item with a number that will make identifying your lost or stolen item easier upon recovery.
• Keep all original paperwork and serial numbers in a secure but easily accessible location.
• Consider the use of laptop security software. Some of the features include;
o Locating the device via GPS or nearest WiFi hotspot.
o Taking a picture of the thief with your laptop’s webcam. This makes it easier for police identification.
o Screenshot grabs. This may gain the suspects name or location.
o Lockdown of the device, making it unusable to the thief.

Enter ‘Laptop Security’ in your search engine for more security tips and information on security software options.

If you have any questions on safety and/or security, or to report suspicious activities call University Police at (518) 442-3131.