Independent Review Committee (IRC)

The Independent Review Committee (IRC) for the University at Albany Police Department was created by the Vice President for Student Success in collaboration with the Chief of the University Police Department (UPD) in the Spring 2014 semester.

The Committee’s charge includes two principal responsibilities:

1. To examine complaint cases brought to and investigated by UPD; and

2. To perform a yearly audit that examines the overall performance of UPD’s complaint process; examines the quality of police-community interactions; and provides a summation of the year’s complaint cases. The IRC makes recommendations concerning those issues as appropriate. Additional information can be found on the Annual Audit page.

The top link on the right will take you to the official Independent Review Committee Website.

Also included are links to the 2018 Survey Results compiled by the IRC, as well as an overview of complaints recieved by UPD. The Complaint Overview is compiled by UPD staff.