Campus Security Authorities

The University has designated certain administrators and staff as "Campus Security Authorities" (CSA) in recognition that many students, faculty and staff may be hesitant about reporting crimes to UPD, and may be more inclined to report incidents to non-law enforcement administrators and staff instead. The links above provide an on-line reporting form that CSAs may use to report incidents and a Power Point training slide show with information on the Clery Act and the duties of a CSA.

Campus Security Authorities are charged with reporting to the appropriate law enforcement personnel, either UPD or local police, or to any official or office which should be informed of the crime or complaint due to the nature of the crime or complaint, those allegations of Clery Act crimes that the campus security authority concludes are made in good faith. A campus security authority is not responsible for determining whether a crime took place.

A Campus Security Authority is required to report all allegations, even if the Campus Security Authority was told of a crime in the context of providing emotional support or health care support. The allegations must be reported whether or not the victim chooses to file a report with law enforcement or press charges, although the Campus Security Authority may withold the identity of the victim/reporting person.

If the victim/reporting person chooses to report the incident to UPD or local police, or to any official or office which should be informed of the incident the Campus Security Authority must assist them in doing so.

The University designates the following as Campus Security Authorities:
  • Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education
  • Professional staff in Student Success except Student Health Center and Counseling Center staff
  • Senior staff in the Office of Human Resource Management
  • Academic Advisors in Advisement Services Center Undergraduate Studies (ASC/US) and Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)
  • Professional staff in Athletics, including coaches
  • Faculty Advisors to student groups
  • Staff in the Office of Equity and Compliance