BlueLight Phones

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Blue Light Telephones are located all around the University grounds. They can be found in parking lots, residence halls, on the academic podium, and along roadways. They are easily recognized by the blue light just above the phone box. In an emergency, all a student has to do is open the phone box, pick up the phone, and talk to the University Police Dispatcher on the line. Along with the 911 Emergency System, the Blue Lights give students immediate phone access to police, fire, and emergency medical services.

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Blue light telephones are present in a wide variety of configurations and locations. Some blue light emergency phones are located in building hallways. These are red phone units, with the blue light located on the wall directly above the phone. The photo seen on the left show this type of unit in the Campus Center Extension near the Barnes and Noble bookstore. As with all blue light emergency phones, the user has only to lift the receiver to connect with a 911 Dispatcher. These hallway phones are found in the Draper Campus, Campus Center, and in Ten Broeck Hall. Even if a caller does not speak, a response from the University Police to that phone will be initiated once the receiver is lifted from the phone. The dispatcher will know the exact location of the call from the 911 computer monitor.

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Wall style blue light telephone can also be found in every women’s rest room on campus. Similar to the hallway phone unit, it also has a red phone with a wall mounted blue light directly above it. People who are concerned for their safety, or witness suspicious behavior should not hesitate to use the blue light phones to obtain assistance from University Police officers. The photo to the left shows a blue light telephone commonly found in university rest rooms.

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The photo at the left shows an exterior wall mounted blue light phone. This style can be found in the front entrance to the four dormitory towers on Colonial, Dutch, Indian and State Quads. This unit is also found at the South entrance to the University Student Health Center. The actual phone is enclosed in a weather protective housing.

Again, a blue light is mounted on the wall directly above the phone. The user has only to open the door to the housing, and pick up the receiver to contact the campus 911 Dispatcher. The caller should be prepared to give the dispatcher as much detailed information about the reported problem as possible. The caller should NOT hang up the phone until directed to do so by the 911 Dispatcher.

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One of the most familiar types of blue light telephones is the pole mounted exterior phone. These are located near parking lots, and on the grounds of the University at Albany. Many of these are mounted on their own pole. The pole has a blue light on top, and the white pole is striped with orange tape. A phone is located at the base of the pole in a weather protective housing.

Some of the pole phones share a pole with a street light. They can also be recognized by their orange striping and blue light. The shared street light-blue light phones can be found in Freedom Quad parking lots, and in the parking area on the grounds just East of the Biology Building. All the caller needs to do is open the housing door, then pick up the receiver to report a problem or emergency. Women may also use these phones to request a Safety Escort. All calls are answered, and receive a quick response from the University Police.

During the Fall 1998 semester, Chief Frank Wiley initiated "Operation Nite Lite." Part of this program involved making several of the exterior blue lights blink off and on. This is an effort to make the blue lights more visible to members of the University community. Blue Light Awareness Days promote awareness of the locations and use of blue light telephones.

A free, informative brochure on the Blue Light System can be obtained by contacting the University Police.